Done is better than perfect

There are so many things in life that never get a chance to grow because they never got a chance to start. No one ever told me I needed to have everything figured out before I put myself out there or try something new. The only person that tells me that is myself.

I have so many ideas I want to share with others and so many business ideas I would like to try at some point in my life. The problem is, instead of choosing any single idea and seeing where it goes, I choose none because I haven’t figured out all the details of how it will work. I don’t act because I know it’s not going to be perfect from the start.

Growth happens through doing, not by waiting until you’re perfect to start..

Growth happens through doing, not by waiting until you’re perfect to start.

Today, I look back at this picture of me and Kevin finishing our second half marathon. Running a half marathon was something I always wanted to try, but never thought I could actually do and now I have completed three. I can be proud, not only for pushing myself harder in that area of my life, but for putting a halt to that little voice in my head that says I can’t start things that scare me because “failing” or “not knowing all the answers” is a bad thing. At this race I experienced my first time having to run into the woods mid race to pee, which is something I told myself I would NEVER do, and got a really bad stomach cramp in the last 3 miles that caused me to miss a new PR (personal record). Even though I was slightly disappointed I didn’t PR, I was also really excited to have finished another adventure with Kevin and do something together we had both come to love.

You would never know all that happened just by looking at this picture, but through each race I completed I learned more about listening to what my body needs as far as water, training and mental strength in order to do better the next time and to expect the unexpected (like not having any type of restroom, including porta potties), along the entire 13.1 mile course.

Side note: If you are a race planner, please please please set up porta potties in at least two locations along the course. Your runners will thank you!

With all that being said, I have decided done is better than perfect. Nothing gets better unless it has a starting point. Who knows, I may love the new things I try or I may not. I am accepting I wont be perfect, but that I will be honest and share who I am with those who want to know.

I am excited about where this journey will take me. For those who choose to go along this ride with me I am so thankful and can’t wait to see what’s next.

I would love to know what goal you have set to the side that you want to start working on now. Please share in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Done is better than perfect

  1. Chelsea I am so proud of you for starting something! It’s hard to be an urchin striving for perfection when you are new at something. It took me the longest time to start running because I wanted to be great after my first or second “run”. You are so inspiring! My goal is to start training for the Disney Marathon and it scares me half to death!!

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