A simple solution to decrease clutter and maximize closet space is to use the back of a closet door to hang commonly used items. As I have been training for my first half-marathon, I find myself coming back from a run and just throwing all my running accessories on the couch. By just sticking a couple of pieces of velcro and screwing a cup hook to the back of the door, it’s now much easier to put my armband and visor away right when I get back instead of cluttering our home and cleaning it later.

Hang running accessories on the inside of a closet door with velcro for running armbands and cup hooks for visors.



-Cup Hooks

-Any Accessories you want to hang in your closet (i.e. Running Armband, Visor, Hats, Headphones)

Velcro Directions:
-I bought self-adhesive strips of velcro and just cut it to about the size of the velcro on the armband.
-Then I peeled apart two pieces of velcro and stuck the “hairier” hook end to the inside of the closet door.
-Since the iPhone running armband already has both ends of velcro attached to it, I stuck the “tiny” hook end to the “hairier” hook end I already stuck to the door.

Cup Hook Directions:
-I then screwed the cup hook into the door by holding the hook in place while pushing and turning it to create a tiny hole until it was able to screw all the way in.
-Then hang your visor, running headbands, sweat bands, hats, headphones or other running accessories on the hook.

Ta-Dah! You have now created an on-the-go, or should I say out-the-door, way to organize your running accessories.

Please share in the comments if you have a clever way to organize your running accessories!